This is a wiki about the YouTube/Blip web series Oddity Archive, created by former musician and current and obviously permanent web host, Ben Minnotte, who lives in Aurora, CO (A suburb of Denver).

Rules for the Archive's ViewersEdit

  • Please don't put random nonsense on here.
  • Try (doesn't have to be completely exact) to spell correctly.

Episode FormatEdit

When putting in running gags, remember to order it like this:

  • Opening Theme: "(The opening theme of the episode)" by (Artist or band)
  • Closing Theme: "The closing theme of the episode)" by (Artist or band)
  • Company Name: (The episode's company name) Productions
  • Very End Clip: (Type in whatever the clip or audio is)
  • The Show That: "(Whatever Ben says after he says "The show that"/Or equivalent of the quote")"
  • Cardboard Box: The name of the person/thing on the Cardboard Box.
  • Join Us Next Time: "(Whatever Ben says after he says "Join us next time")"


For riffs, put in the word "Riffs" the Heading 3 format, and put in the named clips that Ben riffs in the episode like this:

  • "The name of the clip" (The year Ben says it's from.)

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