"Return of the Son of Record Rip-Offs (or, Record Rip-Offs Vol. 3)" is the fifty-fifth episode of Oddity Archive.


Once again, Ben dives into the world of ripoff albums, this time featuring a mockbuster version of (half of) the FM soundtrack and a Carpenters death match (as in, a battle between two Carpenters knockoff albums).

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "FM (No Static at All)" by the Stereotypical Drunk Uncle
  • Closing Theme: "Day by Day" (Instrumental Cover)
  • Production Company: Good Buy to Love (a.k.a. Imitation Strawberry Letter 23) Productions
  • The Show That: "Could run every conservatory in America out of business... if we really wanted to."
  • Very End Clip: Crowd noise from a ripoff record
  • Cardboard Box: Ben's makeshift More Golden Hits of the '70s album, with "STILL" pasted above it.
  • Join Us Next Time: "When I renegotiate my salary using that Godspell tape." *laughs*
  • Written and Hosted By: Bennie and the (Bathtub) Jets


Oddity Archive Episode 55 - Record Rip-Offs Vol

Oddity Archive Episode 55 - Record Rip-Offs Vol. 3 (Return of the Son of Record Rip-Offs)-0