Minn-Knot is a folk-rock album by Ben Minnotte, released in June 2010 on The title of the album is a pronunciation play on Ben's last name, Minnotte. It is his last album of original musical material prior to the development of the Oddity Archive.

  1. Track list:
    1. Dark To Light
    2. Dear Kate
    3. The Wire
    4. Purple Sky
    5. Let The Night Invade
    6. The Gypsy (Entrance)
    7. Sundown At Elderbush Gulch
    8. Angel In Black
    9. Blood In The Wine
    10. The Show (Stuffed Squirrel) (a.k.a. - The Music-Box)
    11. You Wanna Rain (Go Ahead And Rain)
    12. A Lot Of Good (It Did Me)
    13. Move It Out (Roadie Song)
    14. Cold Wind

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