Michael the Happy Hamster
Vital statistics
Position President of the Happy Hamster Fan Club/Oddity
Year 1984 and 1988
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Age About 30
Character Roots
Character From Kid Pics
Episodes VHS Vault Vol. 1 (Amvest Video)
National Info
State/Country Rahway, New Jersey, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Siblings The other happy hamsters, probably
Parents None
Relatives None

"Michael" the Happy Hamster, or The Happy Hamster is a character from Amvest Video's Kid Pics division.


He started out in a band called the Happy Chipmunks, but changed it because of a lawsuit by "Alvin and the Chipmunks". In 1986, he became the host of Kid Pics. Despite being a host of a kids video, he usually is seen as a creepy, perverted, pedophilic, and evil hamster. (At least to Ben) Luckily, in the 1990s, Amvest ceased to exist, and stopped making Kid Pics and Grampa's Greatest Hits.


  • He was replaced by another hamster in 1985 for an unknown reason.
Ben Minnotte Ed the Editor
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