"Macrovision (and one other nostalgic copy-protection hassle" is the fifty-sixth episode of the Oddity Archive.


Ben talks about the history of Macrovision and its use on VHS tapes, in addition to the infamous 2005 batch of Sony CDs loaded with DRM.

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "Pavanned" by Ben Minnotte
  • Closing Theme: "Pavanned" by Ben Minnotee (Scrambled, because Ben wants more money)
  • Company Name: Don't Copy That Floppy Productions
  • Very End Clip: A scene from the film Small Time Crooks, with Macrovision level 2 enabled.
  • The Show That: "Thanks to a few bad apples, is now heavily encrypted. Congratulations."
  • Cardboard Box: A still from Small Time Crooks.
  • Join Us Next Time: "When, fool that I am, I take one more crack at turning the Archive into a subscription-based service. What could possibly go wrong?"