LaserKaraoke Vol. 3 (& VCD Karaoke Vol. 1) is the fourth episode of the Oddity Archive's fourth season (and eighty-second overall).

Summary Edit

In this latest installment of LaserKaraoke, Ben reviews a good number of VCDs and only three Laserdiscs.

VCDs reviewed in order:

  • Pop Top Hits (from Taiwan)
  • Video Karaoke dengar Panggilan Tuhan (from Indonesia)
  • OPM Hit List for Women (next five come from the Philippines, OPM is shorthand for Original Phillipine Music, also known as Filipino pop music; songs mostly in Filipino)
  • Famous Gold Selections Female Classic (two volumes; some footage has showed up in previous LaserKaraoke installments; all songs in English)
  • Classic Love Songs (all songs in English)
  • Hits of Kenny Rogers (Ben claims this is his personal favorite of the VCDs; all songs in English)

LaserDiscs reviewed in order:

  • MegaStar Karaoke (from America; volumes 35, 38, and 43)

Ben gives a demonstration of his then-new LaserKaraoke machine, and plays/sings a cover version of "Everytime You Go Away" (originally by Daryl Hall & John Oates, made famous by Paul Young) to demonstrate the features. He then shows that LaserKaraoke machines with key-change function are useful for the following perks:

  • For guide vocals to sound like some semi-famous singers
  • For getting the more surreal LaserKaraoke titles to sound more appropriate
  • To lower the key of more difficult songs
  • To raise the key of already difficult songs and make them harder

Ben exhibits several clips from the titles that he's reviewed, grouping them into the following:

  • Repeat offenders
  • Bad music
  • Bad vocals
  • Wrong lyrics (Ben claims that poor enunciation led to many '90s songs getting botched lyrically)
  • Interesting footage in the foreign-language VCDs
  • Footage featuring supermodels
  • The Official Oddity Archive Boyz II Men Montage (where one of the "Boyz" gets progressively drunk)
  • Off-the-wall clip (couple cuddling to a cover version of "Bring the Pain," originally by Method Man)

The episode ends with Ben singing "I Just Called to Say I Love You," originally by Stevie Wonder, this time with the key change function on the LaserKaraoke machine all the way down. Ben accordingly sings it with a Southern accent, and a bass-baritone voice.

Running Gags Edit

  • Opening Theme: "I've Never Been to Me" (made popular by Charlene)
  • Closing Theme: "I Just Cauled to Say I Love You" by "Buck Minnotte"
  • The Show That: Always seems to be slightly out of tune, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Box Shot: A LaserKaraoke clip, with lyrics reading "That something's wrong/I pray to God"
  • Join Us Next Time: When I seize the airwaves, and pollute it with nothing more than good old, straight up LaserKaraoke. But in the meantime, I've got a little score to settle.
  • Written and Hosted by: Ben Minnotte (he'd really love to see you tonight)
  • Production Company: Decaf Knicker Productions
  • Very End Clip: Snippet of karaoke cover of "Everybody Hurts" (originally by R.E.M.)

Video Edit

Oddity Archive- Episode 82 - LaserKaraoke Vol. 3 (& VCD Karaoke Vol

Oddity Archive- Episode 82 - LaserKaraoke Vol. 3 (& VCD Karaoke Vol. 1)