"Hell's Bells (The Dangers Of Rock And Roll)" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Oddity Archive.


Ben takes a look at Eric Holmberg's 1989 Christian anti-rock documentary Hell's Bells (The Dangers of Rock and Roll) and tests out some of the conspiracy theories presented in the film.

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "The Danse" by Kemper Crabbe
  • Closing Theme: "Deteriorata" by National Lampoon
  • Company Name: Congealed Protein Productions
  • Very End Clip: More slowed-down footage of Holmberg talking in the sequel, Hell's Bells 2.
  • The Show That: "I'm considering renaming Geek Porn, for some reason."
  • Cardboard Box: Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Join Us Next Time: "When we're joined by the local police, who will give me various noise pollution citations for that last experiment. See you next time."


  • As with many early Archive episodes, this episode is available on the OALostEpisodes channel.

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