"Format Wars Vol. 2 (Pre-Betamax)" is the thirty-seventh episode of the Oddity Archive.


In this sequel to "Format Wars", Ben takes a look at pre-Betamax home video recording systems.

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening/Closing Theme: "Sears Cartivision Fanfare"
  • Company Name: The Death Of The Blue Movie Productions
  • Very End Clip: A scene from Columbine 73, shown via the Telefunken TED demo.
  • The Show That's: "Only available on horribly overpriced, big, fat, thick open-reel videotape."
  • Cardboard Box: The girl from the Avco Cartrivision sales tape.
  • Join Us Next Time: "When I unveil my very own home video unit. Uh, it'll have these big, beautiful cartridges with, uh, a four-hour tape loop inside. Uh, you won't be able to rewind it, though. And, uh, if you wanna play back, uh, you'll have to, like, hold down, eh, five or six buttons and, uh, turn a couple of cranks. Uh, and if you wanna record on it, you'll have to mash down most, if not all, the buttons at once. It won't be that many buttons; it'll be, like, 15 to 20 of them. Uh, oh yeah, and you'll have to jam a small screwdriver in the side of the unit, and, uh, you might have to turn the power on and off a couple of times, and you might have to perform a rain dance. But, uh, it'll be cool, it'll be cool, trust me."