Employee Training Videos is the twenty-fifth episode of the Oddity Archive.

Summary Edit

Ben gives a brief history lesson on employee training videos, and then riffs on the following:

  • Ames Department Store (Fitting Room) from 1996
  • McDonald's Training Video, circa 1972
  • Blockbuster Video from 1996

Running Gags Edit

  • Opening Theme: "Pavanned" by Ben Minnotte
  • Closing Theme: "You Deserve a Break Today (The Smile You Give version)" from McDonald's Training Video
  • The Show That: None
  • Cardboard Box: Shot of a Wendy's training video from 1989
  • Join Us Next Time: "When I perform a homebrew exorcism of my trusty old, albeit slight possessed, VCR."
  • Very End Clip: Man banging hand cymbals, from the Blockbuster's training video
  • Written and Hosted by: Ben the Burgermeister
  • Company Name: Omnipotent Corporate Demon Sprawn Productions

Video Edit

Oddity Archive- Episode 25 - Employee Training Videos

Oddity Archive- Episode 25 - Employee Training Videos